Dry Clean Business Shirt - $3.00

Dry Clean

We very carefully inspect each item and follow the manufacturers dry clean recommended care instructions. If shirts or pants can be laundered, we will typically launder them, unless you specify otherwise. If there is a stain you would like us to try to get out, just let us know, we will take care of it.

Whether you have garments that need extra care or household items with delicate fabric, we will get all your needs expertly dry cleaned.  Most orders have a turn around completion of 2-3 days.

Just imagine, no more running home to make it to the dry cleaner before they close.

Dry Cleaning Prices

Item Price
Blouse $3.00
Body Suit $5.25
Coat $16.75
Dress (Fancy Extra) $8.00
Gown $12.00 – $20.00
Hat $9.50
Jacket $7.00
Jacket, Dresses (2 pcs.) $8.00
Jump Suit $7.50
Outer Jacket $9.50
Pants $4.00
Rain Coat $18.50
Robe $7.25
Scarf $4.00
Shirts $3.00
Skirt $4.25
Pleated Skirt $8.00
Suit 2 pcs. $11.00
Sweater $4.00
Tie $3.00
Tuxedo 2 pcs. $15.00
Vest $4.00
Warm Up Suit $7.25
Add Starch Additional $3.00

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